Zambian Schools First

building strong and sustainable primary education in Zambia

Zambian Schools First is devoted to build strong and sustainable primary education in Zambia. The enthusiasm of the Zambian children and the hard work of Zambian school teachers are the source of inspiration for Zambian Schools First.

Their perspective on life together with good and solid primary education is proven to be the foundation for entering into secondary and tertiary education. For a promising future with a lot of opportunities.

In a country that wants to move forward education is critical. Therefore the Zambian government has written a Seventh National Development Plan called Vision 2030. Though it is a document made in 2006 by the MMD Government of President Mwanawasa, it is still the national benchmark for economic development. Despite this recognition, Zambia hasn’t reached the educational standards at the level that is desired. Obviously there have been significant achievements in the last ten to fifteen years, but the people of Zambia are not there yet.

“Because a good start at the beginning of life is a solid foundation for the future.”
- Mirjam and Peter, founders of Zambian Schools First


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